Can rabbits eat pears?

Can rabbits eat pears? Yes, Rabbits can eat pears as treats

Rabbits enjoy eating fruits as treats, berries and juicy fruits like oranges are a perennial favorite amongst out furry little buddies. However, can rabbits eat pears? If you like pears and want to share some with your pet rabbit, you’re in luck, because pears are safe for rabbits to eat! Read on for more information, such as what parts of the pear are safe or unsafe, and what things you should keep in mind while giving it to your pets. Note, though, that you should never feed your pet something you aren’t absolutely sure is safe. Avocados, for example, look rather like pears but are toxic to rabbits. Check our website if you aren’t sure whether a particular fruit or veggie is safe for your bunny. With cooked food, the rule of thumb is to avoid it. Rabbits should only be given fresh, raw food that have been washed in running water to remove any traces of pesticides and germs from people

Give your rabbit pear in small amounts

So, rabbits can eat pears safely, but bear in mind that all fruits are high in sugar and should only be served as a treat. Sweet fruits and other treats should be no greater than 10% of your bunny’s total diet. Since rabbits need a lot of variety in their treats, you can’t make pears the whole 10% either. What we mean is: you should give your pet a very small amount of pear. Maybe a spoon or two per week, depending on their weight, then mix in other fruits too in the diet. Another important thing to keep in mind is that rabbit babies shouldn’t be given treats until they’re at least 7 months old. Baby rabbits have even more sensitive tummies than adults, which are prone to upsets. Plus, treats could make them overweight and you’d have a hard time getting them disciplined

Can rabbits eat pears

How to feed your pet rabbit pears as treats

Make sure the fruit is thoroughly washed, and if possible try to get organic pears. Fruits and veg in the supermarket are often sprayed with pesticides and preservatives for commercial purposes, and those chemicals can harm your rabbit. Soaking the fruit in water prior to cutting/peeling is also a good idea. When introducing a new fruit to your rabbit, always give them a small piece first, and observe how they react to it. So give your rabbit a tiny piece of pear when you’re having some, and wait a couple days to see if they’re digesting it okay. If they seem to have stomach issues in the next couple days, you should avoid giving them pear, or the fruit in question. Some rabbits like pears, some don’t, just like us humans. Try another treat if pears are of no interest

Can rabbits eat pear peels? What about the seeds and stems?

Yes, you can give pear peels to your rabbit! In fact, the peels make a much healthier treat than the fruit itself, since it has a lower sugar content, natural sugars make bunnies overweight. However, if the produce is commonly sprayed with pesticides where you live, it may be a good idea to put peels in the compost instead. If you buy organic produce, just wash them thoroughly, and give them to your bunny. If you don’t like to eat the peels, it’s a win-win situation! Pear seeds are not safe for rabbits to eat, because they contain cyanide. The toxic chemical is found in cherry pits and apple seeds as well, which is why we aren’t supposed to eat them. If your pet eats one accidentally, though, there’s no need to worry. They do contain cyanide, but not in large quantities, so it’s nothing alarming. Just don’t make a habit of it, or let them eat a lot of seeds. Pear leaves and branches are safe for rabbits to eat. If you know someone who has a couple trees, you can ask for fallen leaves or branches as healthy greens for your rabbit

Conclusion: Rabbits can eat pears, it’s perfectly safe, although large quantities of it can make their stomach upset and make them overweight, this also applies to any other fruits. Pear peels, branches and leaves are also safe for rabbits, and in fact a lot healthier than the fruit itself. Pear seeds and the twigs should be avoided thou, because they contain small amounts of cyanide

Remember to contact your local veterinarian or rabbit breeder if you have questions or concerns regarding your rabbits diet or general health. There are also online veterinarians that you can ask questions about your pets for free, like for example on the mainpage of the site PetCoach. You can also find others by Googling search terms like online veterinarian and ask a veterinarian

Can rabbits eat pears

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