Can rabbits eat celery?

Can rabbits eat celery? Yes, you can give rabbits celery

Celery is a wonderful plant. From the long, tapering stalks to the coriander-like leaves, it looks unique and interesting. We enjoy eating it because not only is it a healthy green, but its taste is also quite pleasant. It has a slightly bitter yet aromatic herb-like taste that goes well with a lot of vegetables. And it’s not a very expensive vegetable either, which is another bonus. Has your bunny shown an interest in trying out some of your celery? It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to feed it to them without being sure first, in fact, it’s the right course of action. Never feed your rabbit or any other pets something you’re not sure is safe for them. Getting back to the subject at hand, can rabbits eat celery? The answer to this question is yes, celery is completely safe for rabbits to eat. Celery leaves are very nutritious and contains lot’s of the same vitamins as the actual celery stalk, so you can safely give rabbits celery leaves too. Another good thing about celery stalks is that they help grind down the rabbits ever-growing teeth

Celery is safe for rabbits,but only in moderation

Your bunny will have fun eating celery. I’ve always found that mine love anything even slightly crunchy. However, as with most other vegetables, remember that celery is a treat of sorts, only to be given to them occasionally. Introduce the vegetable to your bunny slowly, in tiny amounts. Small pieces are ideal, because bunnies tend to get excited when eating tasty treats like veggies. Observe your little floof closely for the next couple days to see if they have any stomach problems. Although celery is safe for rabbits, it can sometimes cause stomach upsets and diarrhea, so you need to make sure your pet’s digesting it alright. If they seem to have no problems, you can slowly increase the amount of celery you give them. Rabbits should have a variety in their vegetables, so let it have some different vegetables from day to day, or mix it all up into a little veggie sallad and serve it daily

Can rabbits eat celery

Why can’t rabbits eat celery in large amounts?

First of all, celery is not toxic to rabbits, so that isn’t the reason. However, as you’ve read above, it can cause stomach upsets. Larger amounts would have a greater chance of causing stomach problems. If your bunny hasn’t eaten celery before, this is especially important. Rabbits have delicate stomachs that need some time to adjust to new food varieties. Giving them new food is a bit like trying some exotic meat yourself. You’re likely to get sick, have digestive problems, and potentially worse. However, that isn’t the only reason. One of the main reasons why is that you need to switch up the fruits and veg you give your rabbit, so their stomach keeps working efficiently. A rabbit’s digestive system works very differently from that of a human being. They need a lot of variety in their treats to stay healthy. Another important reason is that a rabbit’s diet needs to be 85% hay and grass, and only 10-15% of it can be other foods such as fruits and veggies. So they can be fed very little vegetables and fruits in general

How to feed your rabbit celery

When giving your pet fruits and vegetables, always make sure they’re fresh and organic, properly washed, and free of insects and fungal damage. Some insect damage such as holes are ok, as long as the bugs and/or their eggs aren’t present on the food item. Cut the celery into small pieces, half an inch if your bunny’s never eaten it before, and inch-long pieces if it has. Remove the fibrous strands as much as you can, because they could get caught in your bunny’s teeth and cause irritation. Now give your bunny the celery keeping moderation in mind. If you notice any signs of pain or discomfort in them afterwards, stop giving them celery. Behavioral changes are another sign that something isn’t right, like if a normally active rabbit retires to a corner or a safe spot soon after eating something new. Contact your local veterinarian immediately if your pet rabbit seems seriously unwell

In conclusion, both the celery stalks and the leaves are perfectly safe for rabbits to eat, it’s a nutritious vegetable with lots of healthy vitamins and minerals, but it needs to be given to them in moderation as with all vegetables and fruits. In large amounts, celery can cause stomach upsets and diarrhea in bunnies, wich in worst case can be fatal. Celery stalks is also great as a rabbit food because it helps them to grind down their teeth wich never stops growing. Hay also grinds down the teeths by the way

Remember to contact your local veterinarian or rabbit breeder if you have questions or concerns regarding your rabbits diet or general health. There are also online veterinarians that you can ask questions about your pets for free, like for example on the mainpage of the site PetCoach. You can also find others by Googling search terms like online veterinarian and ask a veterinarian

Can rabbits eat celery

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