Can rabbits eat blueberries?

Can rabbits eat blueberries? Yes, rabbits can safely eat blueberries

Blueberries are luscious fruits, and most of us people seems to love them. Small, bright and sweet, they’re the perfect little treat, for humans I mean. I can never have enough of them. They’re juicy, they’re healthy, and they grow like tomatoes, what else could you want? We very rarely get to make things out of our blueberries, we eat them as soon as they’re picked or the box from the store is opened. Bunnies are interesting in that they seem to like a lot of food that humans do, and you might want to let them taste human food too. This is a big no go, rabbits have very sensitive digestive systems wich easily upsets and should only be served safe foods like fruits, berries, vegetables and leafy greens in addition to their general diet of fresh hay and quality pellets

Are blueberries safe for rabbits?

You’ll be delighted to know that uncooked blueberries are completely safe for rabbits. I love giving my bun fresh fruit as treats, and she seems to appreciate it. If you’d like to do it, blueberries are a safe one. Remember, though, that blueberries aren’t “food”. In other words, they’re a treat item and should only be given to rabbits occasionally in small amounts , like a couple of berries once a week. The large quantity of natural sugar in them makes them a bit like junk food for your bunny, so giving too much could cause stomach upsets and other more serious problems. Although blueberries are safe for rabbits, bear in mind that store bought, frozen ones aren’t quite the best option. A lot of people don’t have the luxury of growing a bush at home, but you can always buy them from the farmer’s market. The fruit there is often organic, a lot fresher, and overall healthier. If you don’t have a farmer’s market around you can buy them at the grocery store. Also remember to wash fresh produce before feeding to wash off chemicals

Can rabbits eat blueberries

What to do if your rabbit’s spoiled

If you’ve been giving your rabbit too much blueberries or any other delicious treats and he’s spoiled, you can gradually bring him back to a normal, healthy diet by substituting actual blueberries for blueberry leaves and stalks. For those who can’t get hold of blueberry leaves, carrot tops, and leaves of other popular berries like raspberry, strawberry and blackberry work just as well. You can also feed it leafy greens wich is healthy. Make sure the blackberry and raspberry stalks don’t have thorns. Rabbits love eating blueberry plants, wild rabbits are often found in gardens, where they wreck total havoc by eating the plants, leaves, stalks, buds, everything. So your pet bunny can be given blueberry plants as well, wich is actually better for it than the actual berries.

Can rabbits eat blueberries with the seeds inside?

The seeds are okay for rabbits. The general consensus on this subject is divided. People say that the seeds shouldn’t be eaten , but they’re so small that they won’t cause any damage. However, if it helps you feel any better, you can cut them open, remove the seeds, and give your bunny the seedless berry. Or you could give them a couple blueberries with seeds and watch them closely for signs of an upset tummy. That’s what I did, and my bunny seems fine with them. Remember though that seeds of most other fruits need to be removed, rabbits can choke on them. So in conclusion, rabbits can eat blueberries, and blueberry plants are safe for rabbits too. If you have any questions or concerns about your rabbits diet or general health, contact your local vet, rabbit breeder or find an online veterinarian that accepts questions for free, like for example PetCoach. You can also find others on Google

Can rabbits eat blueberries

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