Cute rabbit eating blueberries

Bunbun the cute rabbit eating blueberries, wich is her favourite treat. Blueberries is a safe rabbit treat as long as it’s in moderate amunts, along with the rest of the blueberry plant. The plant is actually healthier for the rabbit than the berries, so if you are hiking in the woods and come across blueberries, grab the plants as well and give them to your rabbit. If you have just gotten yourself a new pet rabbit, blueberries can be a nice way to gain it’s trust and bond with it. Lay down or sit on the floor so you don’t appear so big in the rabbits eyes, then let it come and check you out while getting blueberries as a reward, or any other healthy treat that you got available. Check out the rest of the site for more videos of safe rabbit foods, as well as reading the animal information articles if you are a new rabbit owner. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube for more cute and funny animal videos