Keeping your dog safe while traveling

Traveling with your dog

Millions of Americans consider their pets as part of the family, so it’s not much of a surprise that over 37 percent of pet owners take their beloved animals on vacation with them. While we all love to travel everywhere with our furry friends, taking your pooch on holiday with you can sometimes put them in stressful situations. Whether you’re traveling by road or air, taking time out for careful planning is essential for ensuring a safe trip and bringing back happy dog pictures to cherish memories from your travels

Get the traveling with dogs basics right

Ensure you give yourself plenty of time for getting the preparation right for before you leave on a vacation with your dog, as it is vital to prevent any unexpected issues that should arise while on a vacation. When deciding on your destination, research the laws and regulations of the country or state you’re visiting as they won’t be the same in each place. It’s likely you’ll need a microchip and health certificate for your hound but it’s also a good idea to have insurance to cover for any medical eventuality

Packing for a vacation with your dog

Whichever method of transport you chose, be it by car, plane, train or boat, always carry food, water and a blanket with you along with treats and toys for your buddy. Deciding on what you need to bring and choosing the right variety of accessories your dog requires will depend on the type of vacation you’re both going to, and the climate of the destination. Not all dogs can cope with certain climates, so make sure the vacation is suitable for the breed of dog you have. For example, pack doggie shoes for hot weather or when backpacking with your dog in a rocky terrain; similarly, warm jackets will be needed when going to cold places

Traveling with dogs

Traveling by car with your dog

If you’re considering taking a long road trip, make sure your dog is accustomed to traveling by car as dogs can be prone to motion sickness, so taking them on car trips prior to your trip will help to acclimatize them. Start out small by taking some rounds around the block for example, then increase lenght of the trips. In order to make them as safe as possible, secure them in a well-ventilated carrier or crate but make sure they have enough room to move around. Traveling by car with your four legged friend should be fun, so plan for plenty of stops for them to drink water and run around, as well as letting them do their toilet business

Traveling by plane with your dog

When flying for a vacation is unavoidable, try and ensure your dog travels with you in a carrier on the plane rather than in the cargo hold. Dogs can become anxious too so you want them to be as comfortable as possible in a strange situation, particularly during take off and landing, so carry lots of treats and toys to distract them. Check the necessary regulations as these will differ according to the airline you use and try to take a direct flight whenever possible to avoid long stopovers and change of planes

Finding dog-friendly accommodation

It’s vital that you research dog friendly accommodation in depth so you lower the risks of encountering any problems with owners, guests or locals. While many hotels may admit to being pet-friendly, it’s always worth checking beforehand that they offer designated, safe places for exercise and have toilet facilities. You should also find out whether there are any hidden charges and if they are allowed to be off the leash. Whether you’re on a beach, city or mountain vacation, it’s always a good idea to book in advance as popular pet-friendly accommodation is likely to get booked up early. Taking the time out to carefully prepare for your vacation will make a huge difference to your dog’s experience and safety so that they’ll be ready for the adventures ahead